Self-Supporting Cranes


For the shipyard (of production or reparation), for the marinas, ship repair and for the port sector, port infrastructures and installations, Smart Marinas dispose of the Cimolai teams:

    • Lifting cranes for the launching, handling and the dry setting of motor and sailing boats. The dimensions of the cranes range from 30 tons to 1,100 tons.
    • Cranes on tires or rails are used in construction yards, for the movement of hull sections and for support during the armament phases.
      (If necessary, the elevated equipment can be rotated up to 180 °. These elements have the highest performance and latest technological advances optimizing resources.)
Cranes with arm on rails are used in naval docks or to load / unload goods from ships to docks.
      (For special applications or for offshore use, these cranes can be mounted on barges.)
    • Motorized trolleys for the movement and storage of boats in the service areas.
    • Modular trolleys used in construction or repair works to move large ships and ship sections during the construction and armament phase.
    • "Sincro-lift" lifting platforms for lifting large tonnage ships.

Other special systems can be tailor-made according to specific customer requirements.

With the guarantee of Grúas Autoportantes Cimolai.



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