Harbor cranes


Main Features

Swing arm cranes from CO.MAS. are specially designed to be used in marinas and dry docks.

Equipped with a 360o swivel arm on a slewing ring and fixed axis and a carriage that slides on a rail.

Simple hoist trolley construction and trolley sliding along the arm with two fixed hoists and double arm extension.

Equipped with an epicyclic reducer motorized turntable and ring collector. The 360o arm rotation is continuous and controlled by inverter.

Arm extension between 3 and 12 meters and column height of up to 13 meters. The load capacity ranges from 5 tons to 30 tons.

All cranes are equipped with climbing ladders along the column with an inspection platform.

Remote control as standard.

Co.Mas group harbor cranes are specially designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of marinas, as they are treated with special paints and resins for such uses.



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